A soul painting is a specially commissioned artwork just for you. It’s so much more than just a decoration for your home. A soul painting reflects an individual’s essence. 

Soul paintings can be created for an individual, a couple, family, friends or to help you maintain a connection with loved ones who have passed away.

Soul paintings can also guide people to align more fully with their soul purpose and manifest greater abundance in their life. Many of us are aware of a deep connection to an inner voice that dwells in the very heart of our being. In many ways, soul paintings help people to connect in a new way to their inner voice and inner wisdom.

All soul images are created specifically for each person's request. I begin the process by meditating upon the person, allowing the energy flow from my mind to the marbling tray. I follow the guidance of the water as the artwork emerges and evolves. Ebru artists believe that what is meant to be will find its way into your life with the help of invisible creative energy that surrounds us.  I accept that I am instrumental in the creation of it. Therefore it is against the tradition for an ebru artist to sign her/his work to claim ownership of it. 

I am happy to chat with you about your requirements and discuss any questions you may have.

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